The Nexus of Epigenetics

I invite you to follow my epigenetics blog The Nexus of Epignetics. Epigenetics is a recently emerging field in genetics and the life sciences that fundamentally challenges many of the assumptions of conventional genetics. Some of you are already somewhat familiar with epigenetics, and some of you are not.  There is already an extensive scientific debate going on about epigenetics and information about the science is available from many different sources, but what is not talked about as much are the history and the policy implications and the philosophy of epigenetics. To fill this gap this new blog will discuss the science of epigenetics, but in the context of these other factors.

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the link above or here and follow me on this new blog as well. You can also follow my epigenetics and policy themed Twitter feed @EpigeneticsGuy to stay current on developments in this fast-moving field.